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Activated Charcoal Lemon Cleanse

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HLA Activated Charcoal Lemon Cleanse is a 3 Day Pre-Cleanse you take before starting a new diet.  Our Charcoal Cleanse is a must have when you're beginning a healthy lifestyle.  Activated Charcoal acts as a "magnet" that remove all toxins from the body, ex: processed junk foods, alcohol, and medication.  Once the cleanse is finish your body will absorb all the nutrients from the healthy foods you eat into your body that will keep you healthy and strong.

The Charcoal Cleanse is 100% Natural with no Preservatives or Additives added, safe for the whole family. Included you will receive 12 Activated Charcoal Lemon Juice Cleanse with instructions to assist you on your healthy journey. 

Our single-serve pre-portioned bottles are so convenient, just add water and enjoy!.

Finally, HLA Charcoal Juice Cleanse is great to have on hand if you happen to get food poisoning, a hangover, or any other issues where you need to remove toxins from your body immediately.  No refrigeration needed!

Disclaimer: Do not use the Charcoal Cleanse if you are: pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from a serious medical condition.

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