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5 Tray Food Dehydrator

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5 Tray Food Dehydrator used a special air flow drying system that eliminates tray rotation allowing for a more even distribution of your food. The food Dehydrator Transparent lid and trays allow you to see the progress of your fruit slices or jerky without having to open the Dehydrator.  Shelf can be raised to accommodate different thickness of food.

Made with BPA-free, food safe plastic materials, with 5 removable trays to allow plenty of room for stacking of jerky, meats, dog food or any other treats you want to prepare.

A fast & easy way to make delicious, healthy and natural snacks like banana chips, fruit roll-ups, beef jerky, and dried meats, or even a treat for your furry little friend.




Product: Food Dehydrator

8 speed adjustment 35-70



Capacity:5 Layers

Net weight: 1.6kg

Power: 160W


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