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HLA Belly Behave Cookie

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An upset stomach can strike at any time for any number of reasons. Belly Behave Cookie are a soothing solution for relief from occasional nausea and other digestive upset.

For centuries, people have used ginger to combat motion sickness, upset stomach, nausea, gas and more.  Is the reason why it’s a key player here!

Belly Behave Cookie also, aids in digestion and calms the stomach which provide quick relief from a hangover by stabilizing blood glucose levels.  

All Natural, Fast-Acting Cookie


Eat cookie if you experience any of the above symptoms.  Can also eat before to prevent stomach issues.


Our Belly Behave Cookie is made of ginger, honey, cinnamon and other natural and organic ingredients.

Included:  1 large Belly Behave Cookie (4 oz)

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