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HLA Healthy Raw Fridge Kits

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HLA Healthy Raw Fridge Kits is what you need to start getting healthier.  Our Healthy Raw Fridge Kits are all Plant-based and consist of Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables Only.  We use "Food as Medicine" and each kit is customize depending on your health goals you want to achieve. Whether your looking to lose weight, Detox (from processed foods, sickness, medications, etc.) or eat healthier we can help.  Just tell us what you want and we'll take care of the rest!

Choose the Kit you need: 

Weight-loss Kit

Detox Kit

Healthy Eating Kit

Kit Includes:

Five Days of Fruits & Vegetables Per Person

Instructions on How to get the best results from your Kit & Recipes


***Note*** Image above is one of our customer's refrigerator with 2 Weight-loss Kits and fresh juices that was made by the customer.


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