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Zero Waste Exfoliating Soap Bag 3pcs

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Save money and reduce, plastic, and simplify your shower routine with this bar soap bag that doubles as an exfoliating scrubber! 

These soap bags are a great way to reduce waste and microplastics in the shower or bath. Simply add your soap to the bag, pull the drawstring shut, and scrub your body with the bag. These bags allow just the right amount of soap through and the fibers do the hard work for you!

It's like using a loofah sponge, but without the bulk! It's also 100% biodegradable and 100% natural so when it is time to get a new one, simply compost or bury the old one to return it to the Earth.

Sisal fibers have been used for centuries for making natural and durable products such as rugs, ropes, and cloth. This material is ideal for scrubbing your skin when wet because it is just the right texture to remove dead skin without being too coarse. 

Hang to dry to extend the lifespan of the soap and bag. Add any size soap to the bag, even soap scraps!

Induless:  3 pcs Set & Each bag is 5.5" tall and 4" wide. 

  • Great Exfoliating Action
  • Saves Soap
  • Beaded Loop Makes it Easy to Hang & Dry in Shower
  • Easier To Hold Compared to Naked Bar Soap
  • Lasts 4-6 Months of Daily Use
  • Sisal Material Will Soften After a Few Uses
  • Brown Color is Thicker and Plusher Than the Natural Color



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