How to Survive on NYC Subways

If you live in a urban city you know how important mass transit is to everyone that use it.  Lately there is a rise on crime on NYC Subways and other mass transit around the world.  This book is a must if you are a New Yorker or Tourist that share valuable safety tips.  How to Survive on NYC Subways talks about the GOOD, the BAD, and the Funny.  It also give safety tips on how to avoid confrontation, what to do if you are being followed, and how to protect yourself while riding the trains.

I read this entire book before I went back on the subway and I can honestly say, that I feel more empowered with all the wonderful safety tips I learned in this book.

You will also enjoy the funny stories of the different characters that ride the subways from singing to dancing and more.  

If you are concerned about your loved ones or friends riding alone on the subways give them this book.  It's the perfect book to give as a gift especially if you're a Tourist in NYC.  This book is a must-have!

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