About Us

I started in 2004 in Brooklyn, NY, mixing together ancient healing recipes in my kitchen that was passed down to me by my Ancestors.  I gave samples of my products to friends to try out and what came back to me was an overwhelming amount of orders to buy my products.  At that point I knew my passion for helping people was establish.

Healthy Living Advisor (HLA) is dedicated to preserving and protecting traditional knowledge of healing.  We focus on the health and spiritual well being of those who come seeking an alternative to modern medicine.  Over 15 years HLA has had the honor of serving and supporting many individuals in the United States on their journey to better health and wellness.  Our natural products and services are highly effective and non-invasive alternatives that is safe for the whole family.  Our approach to health, healing and spiritual well being of our clients is one that is filled with compassion and superior quality.  We continue to strive to help more people take care of their bodies by living a healthy lifestyle, so that they may benefit from the knowledge, services and products of HLA.

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Be Well,

Healthy Living Advisor