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Hydrogen-Rich Health Cup Alkaline Ionizer Generator USB Rechargeable

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About this item

  • 【PURE WATER ELECTROLYSIS TECHNOLOGY】: The hydrogen water bottle uses SPE and PEM technology to rapidly electrolyze water to separate and release H2 and O2, helping to turn ordinary drinking water into hydrogen ion-rich alkaline water, effectively reducing oxidative stress,with high hydrogen concentration and good stability. 
  • 【THE IMPROVEMENT OF HYDROGEN】: Hydrogen water bottles make water molecules smaller, better absorbed by cell membranes, boost metabolism, help improve sleep quality, fight inflammation and improve skin health in a natural way
  • 【Easy & Safe】Only One-button start/stop takes 3 minutes to quickly electrolyze The hydrogen-rich water bottle has pads on the bottom for stability and slip resistance. Easy to use in the office, on the go and at work, reducing the physical fatigue you may experience throughout the day, giving you more natural energy
  • 【THOUGHTFUL LITTLE GIFT】: hydrogen-rich water is rich in antioxidants and its long-term consumption helps to improve muscle soreness and reduce physical fatigue after exercise, making it a great gift for family and friends.
  • 【USAGE ADVICE】: please clean the hydrogen water generator once or twice before use, do not pour juice, milk, tea etc. into the alkaline water ionizer.
  • 【Quickly improve water quality】: hydrogen water bottle, electrolysis time is short, parameters are more stable (✭ need to pay attention to pour in mineral water, pure water can not be electrolyzed). Effectively solve the problem of residual hydrogen and residual oxygen after electrolysis, making drinking water safer and healthier.
  • 【Hydrogen Water - a healthier life】:The hydrogen water bottle can be pressure-proof,anti-fatigue,enhanced immunity, improve memory, Facial Care, improve sleep and water quality. The high quality water bottle contains bio minerals which react positively with water to create hydrogen rich. So the water you drink will be more refreshing and clear.
  • 【Easy & Safe】:Hydrogen water machine One-button quick operation,USB rechargeable, saving more money than Hydrogen Infused Water pack or h2 water. Made of Food grade borosilicate glass and Food grade rubber, without any harmful chemical subsances.This ionized water bottle can be used about 20 times for one charging,easy and convenient for office, travel, and work.

What's Included:   

  • Water cup unit、USB Type-C Charging Cable, Instruction manual



Water treatment machine Type: Water Purifier


Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 6.0

Water Quality Requirements: High Quality Drinking Water

Use: Pitcher

Type: Activated Carbon

Time to market: Aug-13

Purifying Position: Other

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Stainless Steel

Interface Diameter: DN8

Installation: Undermounted

Function: Direct Drink

Certification: CE

CN: Zhejiang

Brand Name: Plutus-Quinn

5 Stage Filtration: Yes


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